Life Figured Out

A Guide to All the Things School Never Taught You

  • Setting You Up for Success

    Life Figured Out helps people in their early twenties (or maybe later) learn basic life skills so you can be successful in the real world.

  • Covering All Your Bases

    This course covers everything from budgeting and taxes to how to do laundry properly to how to make friends as an adult, all in one convenient place.

  • Answering Your Questions

    The skills you'll learn here will help to take the guesswork and stress out of adulting, leaving you more time and energy for the things you really enjoy.

Pricing Options

For less than a college course, learn the important life skills you need to be successful in the real world.

Upcoming Lessons

Every week, two new videos will be added to the course, covering important content in our monthly theme. Here are some example of videos you can expect over the coming months.

  • October - Finance: Budgeting, Taxes, Student Loans, Basic Banking, Writing Checks

  • November - Mental Health: Seeking Professional Help, Time Management, Self Care, Sleep, Exercise

  • December - Cleaning: Laundry, Washing Dishes, Cleaning Schedule, Recycling, Making the Bed

  • January - Jobs: Resumes, Interviews, Workplace Etiquette, Negotiating a Raise, Payroll Taxes

  • February - Finance Part 2: Debt, Retirement Accounts, Investing, Savings, Balancing a Checkbook

  • March - Personal Growth: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Having Difficult Conversations, Body Language, Accepting Feedback

  • April - Household Skills: Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Sewing, Thank You Letters

  • May - Interpersonal Relationships: Healthy Relationships, Recognizing Dangerous Situations, How to Maintain Friendships, Saying No, Making Small Talk

  • June - Car: Car Maintenance, Car Insurance, What to do if Pulled Over, Dealing with Tickets, Changing a Flat

Bonus Material

In addition to the online course material, you'll receive extra perks as well!

  • Private Facebook Group

    After signing up, you will get access to a private Facebook group. All new content for the course will also be posted there, allowing for discussion. It also gives you a place to ask any in the moment questions.

  • Monthly Q&A

    Every month, I'll host a Q&A session, where you'll be able to ask whatever pressing questions are on your mind. It could be about that month's topic, or it could just be about something going on in your life.

  • Worksheets

    Each month, you'll receive 1-2 worksheets (depending on that month's content) to help you put the tools we're talking about into practice in your own life.

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